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닷모드 닷AIO 미니 킷 (알루미늄 패널/ C타입 충전) dotMod DOTAIO MINI KIT 18350

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  • 이패스트 18350 배터리 1pcs 10A 3.7V 1200mAh (배터리 전문 브랜드/저출력/소용량) EFEST 18350 1200MAH 3.7V 10A RECHARGEABLE BATTERY


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  • 닷모드 닷AIO 시리즈 (AIO, AIO SE, AIO미니) 전용 코일 5PCS dotMod DOTAIO COILS Mesh 316L /Kanthal clapton 5PCS 0.3Ω (20-35W) /0.7Ω (14-20W) /1.2Ω (10-16W)


  • 닷모드 닷AIO 미니 교체용 도어 패널 dotMod DOTAIO MINI REPLACEMENT DOORS


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  • 닷모드 510 휘슬 드립팁 (롱버전/숏버전) dotMod WHISTLE TIP (Long/Short)


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 패널 안쪽 하단에 위치한 출력조절 버튼으로 4단계 출력 조절이 가능합니다.

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dotmod proudly presents the dotAIO mini

All You Need Versatility but smaller

The dotAIO mini offers a true all-in-one experience in a small form factor!  Vape freebase nicotine or nicotine salts.  Dial-in the perfect airflow and power.  Vape MTL or DTL.

Technology to Enhance Your Vaping Experience

With the dotAIO mini’s easy to remove 2.0 ml tank, changing coils has never been easier. The ergonomic spring-loaded contact located under the tank section allows for easy tank removal.  The dotAIO mini offers the same four power settings from the dotAIO that are based on coil resistance (very soft, soft, medium, strong), designed to fit your preferences and deliver the best performance.  Featuring dry burn protection that cuts the current when the e-juice level is low, extending the life of your coils.  Supporting one 18350 battery, the dotAIO is designed for maximum battery life.


Compatible with all dotAIO coils, dotAIO RBA’s and dotAIO tank.  Are you a fan of Aspire Nautilus coils?  You can use them too with the adapter we included.  Prefer a mouth-to-lung experience?  Pop on a MTL drip tip or any other 510 tip – it’s compatible!


  • One (1) dotAIO mini
  • One (1) 2.0 ml e-juice tank (PCTG)
  • One (1) airflow control base
  • One (1) chimney adapter for Aspire Nautilus coils
  • One (1) tank plug
  • One (1) silicone bumper replacement
  • One (1) 0.3 ohm Coil
  • One (1) 0.7 ohm Coil
  • Two (2) Drip tips (gold, polycarbonate)
  • Six (6) O-rings
  • One (1) Type-C Charging Cable

*** Made from aluminum

*** Batteries are not included



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